Business District Town Hall Meeting w/Commissioner Fritz

DATE:   Monday, 2/4

TIME:   12-1:30pm

PLACE:   Rose Garden, Rose Room

RSVP: or 503.477.9648

Complimentary parking is in the Garden Garage; entrance is on N. Winning Way (attached to the North side of the Rose Garden). Access the Rose Room from P4 (Club Level) entrance to the Rose Garden arena

At the public meeting last week, Commissioner Fritz strongly suggested that you send any comments, suggestions/solutions or letters regarding the proposed legislation to all 5 members of Portland’s City Council (contact information below). As you craft your responses to Council please consider including the following points:

· Neighborhood business districts, which together represent 18,655 businesses and 250,000 Portland jobs, understand that healthy, connected neighborhoods contribute to a healthy and prosperous city.

· This legislation requires a thorough and transparent process and should not be rushed.

· A longer time frame will allow the best business minds in the city to craft a sustainable solution that ensures a healthy and prosperous city for all Portlanders. Failure to accommodate a robust debate and take into account the diverse businesses and industries across the city may result in unintended consequences that negatively impact Portland’s struggling neighborhood businesses and business districts.

· This issue should be addressed by the State Legislature.

Please send a copy on any letters you send to Portland City Council to Heather at Venture Portland: Heather Hoell