Maura White, President
Hollywood Boosters Business Association
2000 NE 42nd Ave PMB 388
Portland, OR 97213-1399
Phone contact: 503-281-8891 (Paul or Pam, Township Properties)

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    1. Amy Gray

      Hi, I called trimet and they told me that the Boosters were organizing the cleanup of all the dead flowers at the Hollywood Max station. I also suggested to them to install a more permanent memorial, and they said that may be in the works but that it’s too soon.

      I think that tending a memorial and keeping it looking nice is an act of respect and community. If you need volunteers for the cleanup, please contact me, I would love to help. It is the least I can do.

      Be Well and Do Good,

      Amy Gray

    2. Justine Pope

      Hi! Do you provide email lists of fellow members? Thanks!

    3. Pat

      I am a long time resident of Portland and choose to navigate the city via TriMet, ZipCar, etc. I have noticed the area at the corner at NE Sandy & Cesar Chavez Blvd getting worse and worse. Yesterday, I went to the lovely Hollywood farmers market and library in Hollywood and then walked to the Sandy/Cesar Chavez Blvd stop to wait for the #12 bus to carry me home. That whole corner triangle block is appalling and the characters who are beginning to take over that corner a little spooky and harassing – and it was daytime around 11am when I was there. There was human feces swamped with flies on the sidewalk against the concrete walls that surround the corner vegetation and it had clearly been there for a few days. Now, I know that TriMet is responsible for maintaining the shelter and it appears that they from time to time “hose it down” however, the inattention to this whole corner of this neighborhood is unbelievable. This is not something that’s happened over a could weeks, it has been deteriorating for some time. The Hollywood Boosters “Star” and plaque was so covered with dirt (and who knows what), that you can barely read what it says.

      I’ve put out a request to TriMet to clean up this stop and perhaps they’ll clean up your display as well but the area surrounding requires some attention from the “Hollywood Boosters” given that you have your Star and Plaque is displayed there.

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